Little & Large Editions - Comedy of Craft

Piero Golia, Comedy of Craft (2016)

Soap bar
3 x 2 x 2 in. (7.6 x 5 x 5 cm)

Unlimited edition, each unique in scent and color.

The Comedy of Craft (or Copying George Washington's nose from Mount Rushmore) is a sculptural performance in three acts.
The first act, Carving the Nose, took place at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, where a team of sculptors carved an exact-scale replica of the presidential body part. Followed later in the year by Making the Mold at Prospect New Orleans, where a team of local art students created a mold from the foam replica. The trilogy will eventually conclude with a lost wax casting of the nose.
The ephemeral soap bar is an byproduct of these three acts. It is hand crafted reproducing the shape of George Washington's nose from Mount Rushmore carved in Los Angeles. Each soap bar is unique.
Piero Golia (b. 1974 in Naples, Italy)
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

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