Little & Large Editions - Happy Hour

Jonathan Monk & Douglas Gordon, Happy Hour (2013)

Open All Hours like a corner shop starring David Jason and Ronnie Barker… google it if required.


This neon piece by Gordon and Monk documents a single day in coloured neon light.

Each edition represents a single hour (using GMT) within a 24 hour period… so depending on where you are in the world we might be able to find your happy hour… i.e. It's five o'clock somewhere", which means that even though it is not five o'clock in the narrator's time zone, it must be in another part of the world5 p.m. is typically the start of 'Happy-Hour' at most restaurants and bars. History. 


Each piece only functions for 60 minutes… timed to come on at the same exact time every day - whether you see it or not, you know it’s there… perhaps the warm glow of green reminds you it’s time for a gin and tonic… 


The entire edition will slowly get dispersed around the globe - unique and almost personalised happy hours for 24 lucky collectors… 




neon sign, timed

135 x 17 cm

Edition of 24, each one timed at a different hour
various colours

TOTAL: 6000.00€ incl. 19% VAT + shipping

Total: incl. % VAT + shipping