Little & Large Editions - Hold Still

Liam Gillick, Hold Still (2012)

Modified crossbow, camera,
usb image transfer cable, 
wooden box

28 x 85 x 11cm (box)
Edition of 10

With reference to Michael Powell's film Peeping Tom and the first internationally syndicated German game show Der Goldene Schuss this work comprises a deactivated crossbow with a camera replacing the firing mechanism. Starting in 1964 Der Goldene Schuss involved participants guiding the hand of a blindfolded cameraman/marksman who was tasked with hitting a novelty target under instruction from the viewer. The phrase ‘der goldene Schuss’ has also come to reference heroin – the title of the work on the box being a reproduction of a graffiti found in a German city center. Use of the work is threatening and places pressure upon the user to determine carefully the subject of any photograph ‘captured’ by the camera.

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