• special edition photograph

    special edition photograph

Dave Allen, It Swung Back and Forth and Back and Forth Until Forever, Then It Stopped and It Howled Endlessly (2009)

Guitars, amplifiers and cables, 4 performers

In 1968 Steve Reich premiered 'Pendulum Music' at the Whitney Museum  
of American Art. 'Pendulum Music' involves suspended microphones  
swinging over speakers to create phasing feedback tones and was on  
that occasion performed by Richard Serra, James Tenney, Bruce Naumann  
and Michael Snow. 'It Swung Back and Forth...' connects Reich's avant- 
garde minimalism to contemporary noise music via Pete Townshend and  
Jimi Hendrix.

12" Maxi Single
Edition of 1000

15€ for the regular edition
25€ for a signed copy limited to 50
150€ for the special edition which includes the record and a signed photograph, 30 x 40 cm (unframed).

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