Little & Large Editions - STACK

Andrew Miller, STACK (2019)

Stack - ‘A pile of things arranged one on top of another, records, books, magazines, cd’s, pancakes’........... Through a process of drawing, altering, transforming and making, Miller seeks to understand the ambiguity between notions of form and function.

For Little & Large Editions, Miller has created a sculpture/form/light which allows the user the freedom and flexibility to arrange and rearrange the perspex components into a work of varying forms and colour. The premise of the kit is simple; take an irregular hexagonal shape which is repeated in six different sizes and in three different colours. You decide the final form and its function with the option to rotate and flip the sections of perspex as it’s constructed.

Once complete, live with it for a while, suspend it or rest it on a table or the floor, not sure... take it apart and start again.

STACK comes in a box with an instruction manual - you have to put it together yourself. The instruction guides you through the technical aspects of putting the light together, but you can invent your own shape and colour pattern.

The finished light can be a standing lamp or a hanging one - it's up to you.

Edition of 11

Price: 1,500 Euro + tax + shipping

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