Little & Large Editions - Untitled (smoking)

Scott Myles, Untitled (smoking) (2013)

Zweite Hand newspaper advertisement, color photograph

Edition of 25
Signed and numbered certificate included.

For Little & Large Editions Scott Myles has carried out a performance based project in Berlin. Untitled (smoking), 2013 seeks a kind of reactivation of art and social reality. Myles initiated a simple exchange of time, smoke and money, subtly inverting the typical situation of paid employment. 
An advert was placed within the weekly job listings newspaper ‘Zweite Hand’ (Second Hand). It called for an individual to be employed as part of a public, but ultimately invisible event. The advert stated the potential candidate must be available to work on the 15th April 2013, be of smart appearance and a cigarette smoker. Interviews subsequently took place and a man was paid to stand outside an office building over the course of a working day and enact the smoke break. Little & Large have produced an edition consisting of the newspaper clipping and a photograph documenting Myles’ Berlin worker.

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