Little & Large Editions - Wall Mounted Ear

David Shrigley, Wall Mounted Ear (2011)

My ear is made of polished bronze. It affixes nicely to the wall. If it is affixed properly it will remain there, impervious to all manner of vibrations.
My ear is part ornament, part warning sign. My ear is ornament in that it is desirable and nice to look at and may catch the the light in an interesting and/or beautiful way. My ear is a warning sign in that it should remind us that we may be being eavesdropped-upon by the authorities who will not tolerate dissent. My ear warns us that if we are the authors of dissent then the authorities will rain-down all manner of shit upon us; they may have us rendered and tortured and thrown into a dungeon to die, like they are going to do with that guy from Wikileaks.

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